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Ocean Circus: Underwater Around the World (2012) BluRay 650Mb Mediafire

Ocean Circus: Underwater Around the World (2012) BluRay 650Mb MediaFire

This 105-minute wildlife documentary is a must see for all nature lovers but is also suited for scuba divers in search of new dive sites. The underwater filming of this elaborate true 3D production took more than 5 months.

IMDB rating: N/A
 Genre:   Documentary
Size: 650 MB
Language: English
Forma: MKV
Runtime: 97 min
Directed by: Oliver Schindler
Starring:  N/A



Work : Download AutoCad 2012 Mediafire Links

Download AutoCad Mediafire - AutoCad is best way for you to create some design 3D Design, Modeling, enginering and drawing. Comes with full feature and ease use. AutoCad just running on windows platform. If you want to run AutoCad in linux or Mac, you should use the emulator like wine.
Download below :

{[['']]} Making A Fast and Heavy Return To Users Join it Today

Hi. friends.. As u already know that facebook ceo and founder mark zukerburg has stolen the idea of facebook from two twin brother in harvard university in 2001..... later on they complaint and got 65 million dollar in 2007........... in 2009 they started a new project(ZURKER) and launched the beta version in dec 2011........... ....u can join it now and become a share holder of this website........ ...........this rocking feature of share is added by them........... .....currently there are thousands of member joining this web site in uk alone per day...........totally free , new features than facebook and g+.............IT will rule the future definately..... ............... ........join today and become share holder now from india .... dont use different country ip to join..... because as beta it is limited to 7 country only........... India n US ppl can create their account .... facebook worth 50 billion today but its users getting 0% ....... so this new idea is invoked by the twin... fukkut ka share mil raha toh le lo ..... kya jaata hai .... And its really Good!! join this new social networking site.........

So retrospectively speaking, all of us desire we had visualized the Facebook growth story and own some shares of the company. An investment couple of years back would have made anyone a millionare. Wishful thinking ! 
Well nothing to worry about. You can be part of the possible next big thing in socia media space – Zurker, and actually own it. That too for free !! Yes you head it right  .
Zurker is currently in beta phase and is giving access to public through invitation only. What makes the invite special is the fact that you get to own equity shares in Zurker by just accepting the invitation and creating a valid account. Cool isn’t it ?
So go ahead and join Zurker ! I am extending the invitation for the benefit of all readers. After all a free meal isn’t something which you get every other day.
Click here for invitation to join Zurker
 And that’s not all. If you are really impressed with Zurker or want to just play a wild investment, Zurker gives you opportunity to buy upto 500 Vshares. So you need not regret later of not knowing the big thing around.
I just couldn’t find a reason not to join.  Enjoy !


Wargame European Escalation Repack Mediafire Download Links

Wargame European Escalation Repack [ Mediafire Link ]

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Set in the rarely explored period of 1975-1985, Wargame: European Escalation pits NATO (USA and Western Europe) against the Warsaw Pact (Soviet and Eastern European countries) in battles that explore “what could have been.” The specter of nuclear warfare loomed large over the real Cold War, but this catastrophic outcome was the ultimate last resort as everyone knew that the first one to start nuclear hostilities would end up wiped out just the same. Large, armored offensives through Europe would certainly have been the core of this hypothetical war; and this is what the game’s explosive campaign takes you through!


Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.5 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+
Memory: 1 Gb
Hard Drive: 10 Gb free
Video Memory: 256 Mb
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1600
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Network: Broadband Internet Connection for Online Multiplayer
DirectX: 9.0c
DVD Rom Drive

Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 2.9 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 Gb
Hard Drive: 10 Gb free
Video Memory: 512 Mb
Video Card: nVidia GeForce GT 545 / ATI Radeon HD 4830
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Network: Broadband Internet Connection for Online Multiplayer
DirectX: 9.0c
DVD Rom Drive


If you want to download this game
Check all parts before

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rip Highly Compressed Mediafire Download Links

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rip Highly Compressed [ Mediafire Link ]

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From the decade of big hair, excess, and pastel suits comes a story of one man's rise to the top of the criminal pile. Vice City is a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, and is the most varied and complete digital city ever created. Combining nonlinear gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with seedy opportunities and are given the chance to take it over as you choose. Take control of a variety of vehicles including high-performance cars and motorbikes, powerboats, golf buggies and helicopters. Browse through the radio stations, with styles ranging from rock to electro to find a sultry melody or pumping beat to suit your mood. No matter what type of man you are, Vice City is always full of surprises.


Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 3 @ 800 MHz
Memory: 128 Mb
Hard Drive: 915 Mb free
Video Memory: 32 Mb
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0
DVD Rom Drive

Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 4 @ 1.3 GHz
Memory: 256 Mb
Hard Drive: 2.2 Gb free
Video Memory: 64 Mb
Video Card: GeForce 3 / Radeon 8500
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0
Other Controllers: Game Pad
DVD Rom Drive

Link download

Password: koskomputer

1. Unrar
2. Run file _Install bat 
3. Play



CHM | 504 Pages | 12 Mb 
You know you should use cascading style sheets (CSS) to simplify your web pages, but how do you use CSS? Sams Teach Yourself CSS in 24 Hours, Second Edition is a carefully organized, well-written tutorial that teaches you not only how to use cascading style sheets, but also how to make smart decisions about how and when to apply CSS, based on browser support and intended effects.You’ll cover standards compliant CSS, with an emphasis on providing both a theoretical understanding and practical experience at implementing CSS.
In 24 straightforward one-hour long lessons, you learn by accomplishing hands-on tasks that can be applied to your own site. The tutorials have been updated for this second edition to cover browsers that have become more widely used since the release of the first edition. It also has been updated to cover styling of forms, troubleshooting CSS, and other important new developments.



Publisher: Packt Publishing | ISBN: 1849513546 | edition 2010 | PDF | 412 pages | 23.4 mb
phpMyAdmin is an open source tool written in PHP to handle MySQL administration over the World Wide Web. It can execute SQL statements and manage users and their permissions. However, when it comes to exploiting phpMyAdmin to its full potential, even experienced developers and system administrators are left baffled.
Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.3.x for Effective MySQL Management is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that walks you through every facet of this efficient tool. Author Marc Delisle draws on his experience as one of the leading developers and project administrator of phpMyAdmin and uses his unique tutorial approach to take full advantage of its potential. This book is filled with illustrative examples that will help you understand every phpMyAdmin feature in detail.
The book helps you get started with installing and configuring phpMyAdmin and looks at its features. You then work on a sample project with two basic tables and perform basic actions such as creating, editing, and deleting data, tables, and databases. You will learn how to create up-to-date backups and import the data that you have exported. You will then explore different search mechanisms and options for querying across multiple tables.
The book gradually proceeds to advanced features such as defining inter-table relations and installing the linked-tables infrastructure. Some queries are out of the scope of the interface and this book will show you how to accomplish these tasks with SQL commands.



Book Description
In this comprehensive guide to creating an e-commerce Web site using PHP and MySQL, renowned author Larry Ullman walks you through every step—designing the visual interface, creating the database, presenting content, generating an online catalog, managing the shopping cart, handling the order and the payment process, and fulfilling the order—always with security and best practices emphasized along the way. Even if you’re an experienced Web developer, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. The book uses two e-commerce site examples—one based on selling physical products that require shipping and delayed payment, and another that sells non-physical products to be purchased and delivered instantly—so you see the widest possible range of e-commerce scenarios. In 11 engaging, easy-to-follow chapters, Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL teaches you how to:
• Think of the customer first, in order to maximize sales
• Create a safe server environment and database
• Use secure transactions and prevent common vulnerabilities
• Incorporate different payment gateways
• Design scalable sites that are easy to maintain
• Build administrative interfaces
• Extend both examples to match the needs of your own sites
About the Author
Larry Ullman is the president of Digital Media and Communications Insights, Inc., a firm specializing in information technology ( He is the author of several bestselling programming and Web development books, including PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide. Larry also writes articles on these subjects and teaches them in small and large group settings. Despite working with computers, programming languages, databases, and such since the early 1980s, Larry still claims he’s not a computer geek (but he admits he can speak their language).
* Paperback: 384 pages
* Publisher: New Riders Press; 1 edition (November, 2010)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0321656229
* ISBN-13: 978-0321656223
* File Size: 11.1 MiB



Easy Photo Recovery

File Name
: easyphotorecovery_setup.exe
File Size
: 4.7 MB
System Requirements 
: Windows Xp / 7 / Vista
: English

: Full Version
: May 18, 2012


The Flowers of War (2011) BRRip 950mb Mediafire Download Links

Movie Info

    [TITLE]…………………….[ The Flowers of War (2011)
    [DIRECTOR]………………….[ Yimou Zhang
    [RELEASE DATE]………………[ 16 December 2011(China)
    [GENRE]:……………………[ Drama | History
    [FORMAT]:…………………..[ Matroska
    [FILE SIZE]:………………..[ 950 MiB
    [NO OF CDs]:………………..[ 1
    [RESOLUTION]:……………….[ 1280*544
    [ASPECT RATIO]:……………..[ 2.35:1
    [FRAME RATE]:……………….[ 24 fps
    [LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English | Chinese
    [SUBTITLES]:………………..[ muxed : english
    [ORIGINAL RUNTIME]:………….[ 02:25:00
    [RELEASE RUNTIME]:…………..[ 02:25:00
    [SOURCE]:…………………..[ 720p.HDC
    [iMDB RATING]:………………[ 7.5/10


    In 1937 China, during the second Sino-Japanese war, a mortician, John (Christian Bale) arrives at a Catholic church in Nanjing to prepare a priest for burial. Upon arrival he finds himself the lone adult among a group of convent girl students and prostitutes from a nearby brothel. When he finds himself in the unwanted position of protector of both groups from the horrors of the invading Japanese army, he discovers the meaning of sacrifice and honor.


How to save web pages in pdf format using Google chrome

by onlytrick

PDF means Portable Document Format.Its benfit is that the fonts 
and formatting of a document remains same on any computer.
Another benefits that pdf is very common format and most of 
the professionals save there document in this format.There are 
so many softwares available on the internet that can be used to 
convert document in pdf but you can save web pages in pdf 
format by using Google chrome.A complete guide is given below 
by which you can easily do it.

How to save web pages in pdf format
1.First of all open the web page that you like in Google chrome.
2.Than press ctrl+p to open print preview.
3.Now in the left sidebar you will se a Destination option in 
that select Print to PDF.
4.Than click on Print option and give the destinaion to save 
your web page.
5.You have done...!! In this way you can save web pages in 
pdf format


Crank: High Voltage (2009) BRRIp 720p Hindi [Dual Audio] (Hindi English) Mediafire

Chev Chelios survives a fall from the sky, sort of. He’s in an unknown location, sedated, while various Chinese are harvesting his organs. His heart is gone, in an ice chest; a temporary in its place. Chev escapes, knowing only the name of the guy with the ice chest. He calls Doc Miles, an unlicensed cardiologist, who tells him there’s only an hour’s life in the artificial heart: keep it charged. Chev needs to find his own heart and get to Doc for a transplant. He starts his time-limited pursuit of shadowy figures, the ice chest, and his heart aided by Eve, Rei, and Venus – a stripper, a prostitute, and a pal with Tourette’s – constantly needing an electric charge to keep going.

IMDB rating: 6.2/10
 Genre:  Action | Comedy | Crime
Size: 600 MB
Language: Hindi/English
Forma: MKV
Runtime: 96 min
Directed by: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Starring:  Jason Statham, Amy Smart and Carlos Sanz | See full cast and crew



FaceLock for apps Pro v2.5.5 Mediafire Link

With FaceLock for apps, you don't need to wait for Android 4.0 to use face unlock on your phone. FaceLock also lets you choose individual apps you want to protect. Your face is the key to unlock them.

Pro Features:
Lock as many apps as you want with your face
(Experimental) lock screen replacement (like FACE UNLOCK) (lock screen might not work perfectly on all devices).
PATTERN lock is now available!
Set PIN, Pattern or password as alternative access method

More locking options, delayed lock
Hide notification, show icons in lock screen
And we are working on even more features...
About security: task manager, settings and market are protected so no one can kill or uninstall FaceLock out of the box. Face recognition is reliable and safe with the default settings. For recognition in difficult lighting you can train more images whenever you are not recognized. For increased security you can raise the security level.

What's in this version : (Updated : May 18, 2012)
Experimental lock screen replacement (like "face unlock") and pattern lock.
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Mf pass- barang88

Hate Story (2012) BRRip 720p Mediafire Link Download

Director: Vivek Agnihotri
Writers: Vikram Bhatt, Rohit Malhotra (dialogue)
Stars: Paoli Dam, Gulshan Devaiah and Saurabh Dubey
Thriller  -   20 April 2012

SUMMARY:- Kaavya became a prostitute to take revenge on rich guy Siddharth.

Sample Screen


The Avengers (2012) DvdScr Hindi Dubbed [Dual Audio] Mediafire

By world4ufree

Nick Fury is director of S.H.I.E.L.D, an international peace keeping agency. The agency is a who’s who of Marvel Super Heroes, with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When global security is threatened by Loki and his cohorts, Nick Fury and his team will need all their powers to save the world from disaster.

IMDB rating: 9.0/10
 Genre:  Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Size: 800 MB
Language: English/Hindi
Forma: MKV
Runtime: 142 min
Directed by:  Joss Whedon
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson



WinRAR 4.20 Beta 2 (x86x64) + Keygen Mediafire Link

WinRAR 4.20 Beta 2 (x86x64) + Keygen

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files can. WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression. By consistently creating smaller archives, WinRAR is often faster than the competition. This will save you disc space, transmission costs AND valuable working time as well. WinRAR is ideal for multimedia files. WinRAR automatically recognizes and selects the best compression method. The special compression algorithm compresses multimedia files, executables and object libraries

Features of WinRAR:
- Using WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression by consistently making smaller archives than the competition, saving disk space and transmission costs.
- WinRAR provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.
- WinRAR offers a graphic interactive interface utilizing mouse and menus as well as the command line interface.
- WinRAR is easier to use than many other archivers with the inclusion of a special "Wizard" mode which allows instant access to the basic archiving functions through a simple question and answer procedure. This avoids confusion in the early stages of use.
- WinRAR offers you the benefit of industry strength archive encryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key of 128 bits.
- WinRAR supports files and archives up to 8,589 billion gigabytes in size. The number of archived files is, for all practical purposes, unlimited.
- WinRAR offers the ability to create selfextracting and multivolume archives.
Recovery record and recovery volumes allow to reconstruct even physically damaged archives.
- WinRAR features are constantly being developed to keep WinRAR ahead of the pack.

Home Page - 


    Step 1: unpack rar archive
    Step 2: run the setup and install
Step 3: Use the given keygen to activate   
Step 4: Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

Mediafire  Source- Pass : mediafire-software4u

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