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ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate 7.2.0 build 20120420 Mediafire Download

Now 5X Faster. ImTOO Video Converter is an easy to use program that lets you edit and convert video, audio, and animated images. This Total Video Converter is the best video converter software to convert between HD videos: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AVCHD (*.m2ts, *.mts), MKV, HD WMV, MPEG2/MPEG-4 TS HD. It can convert videos from HD to SD, convert various general video formats: AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, DivX, H.264/AVC, and extract audio and pictures from videos. Even create a video from pictures further with flexible merging/ clipping/ editing/ splitting features.

High-Definition (HD) video encoding and decoding like AVCHD to AVI makes it possible to get stunning High-Definition videos for HD video players. ImTOO Video Converter can turn any video/music file to be played on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Google Android phones, PSP, PS3, NDS, Wii, BlackBerry phone, iRiver, Creative Zen and other multimedia devices.

Main Functions:
* Best video converterHD Video Converter. Encode and decode HD videos such as HD AVI, HD MPEG2, HD MPEG2 TS, HD MPEG4, HD WMV, HD VOB, HD ASF, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, AVCHD (*.m2ts, *.mts), MKV, HD WMV, and MPEG2/MPEG-4 TS HD.
* Total video converterGeneral Video Converter. Convert between AVI, MPEG, WMV, H.264/AVC, DivX, MP4, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV and other video formats; convert MP4 to AVI, WMV to MP4.
* Total audio converterAudio Extractor & Audio Converter. Extract audio from videos (e.g. convert AVI to MP3); convert between audio files such as MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, etc.; rip CD to music files; convert lossless audios.
* Picture to video converterPicture Extractor & Video Creator. Extract JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP Picture formats from a video in batches; turn your photos into any supported HD/SD video file.
* Convert videoVideo Converter for Multimedia Devices. Convert video/audio files and play them on devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Zune, Xbox, NDS, Wii, PMP, mobile phones, Google Android phones, and even upload them onto YouTube.
* Video conversionVideo Joiner & Video Clipper. Join multiple videos or pictures together and insert transitions between them to create a fun video; clip a video to extract segments from it, and merge them together to create a new video if necessary.

What's new:
* Added video profiles for the newest iPhone 4;
* Video Converter6 is now powered with NVIDIA® CUDA™ 5X faster in conversion time.
* Allows you to add subtitles and soundtracks to the output video
* Enable the function of transferring the output files to iPod, iPhone or PSP
* Capable of inserting transitional effects in between merged video/picture item
* Makes the built-in player resizable
* Switch the zoom mode between 4:3 and 16:9
* Classifies the profile settings into different types
* Supports the input of the picture formats of digital camera
* Added the function of power management
* Added conversion profiles for Apple iPad
* Added Android MPEG-4 profiles for Google phones

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The Invasion (2007) BRRIp 720p Hindi Dubbed (Dual Audio) Mediafire Download


While returning to Earth, the space shuttle explodes and the fragments bring an alien virus that recodes the human DNA. In Washington, the psychiatrist Carol Bennell observes the modification of the behavior of one of her clients first, then in her former husband and finally in the population in general. Together with her friend Dr. Ben Driscoll the researcher Dr. Stephen Galeano, they discover that the extraterrestrial epidemic affects human beings while sleeping and that her son Ollie, who had chickenpox when he was a baby, is immune to the disease and may save mankind from the outbreak.

IMDB rating: 5.9/10
 Genre: Sci-Fi | Thriller
Size: 780 MB
Language: Hindi/English
Forma: MKV
Runtime: 99 min
Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiege
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Jeremy Northam


Space Jam (1996) BRRIp 720p Hindi Dubbed (Dual Audio) Mediafire Download

Swackhammer, owner of the amusement park planet Moron Mountain is desperate get new attractions and he decides that the Looney Tune characters would be perfect. He sends his diminutive underlings to get them to him, whether Bugs Bunny & Co. want to go or not. Well armed for their size, Bugs Bunny is forced to trick them into agreeing to a competition to determine their freedom. Taking advantage of their puny and stubby legged foes, the gang selects basketball for the surest chance of winning. However, the Nerdlucks turn the tables and steal the talents of leading professional basketball stars to become massive basketball bruisers known as the Monstars. In desperation, Bugs Bunny calls on the aid of Micheal Jordan, the Babe Ruth of Basketball, to help them have a chance at winning their freedom.

IMDB rating: 6.0/10
 Genre:  Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Size: 620 MB
Language: Hindi/English
Forma: MKV
Runtime: 88 min
Directed by:  Joe Pytka
Starring: Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight and Theresa Randle


Tezz (2012) Video Songs Youtube Download

Tezz Story

The movie revolves around the bullet train hijacking where actor Mohanlal plays a dutiful cop of the Scotland Yard Police with Ajay Devgn and Anil Kapoor in the pivotal roles. Sameera Reddy is also playing the part of a bar dancer. She also dances for an item number in the film. Kangana Ranaut is playing the role of Ajay Devgn's wife. Zayed Khan is playing an important role in the film.

Tezz is the story of one man, who is out to get back what was unjustly taken away from him… the other is willing to do whatever it takes to stop him in order to serve justice; both are pitted against each other.. and both are pitted against time. Lives have already been destroyed and more lives are about to be devastated as a train speeding from Glasgow to London holds the fate of Aakash Rana (Ajay Devgan) and Counter Terrorism Command Arjun Khanna (Anil Kapoor), and only one of them will succeed.


15 Min Daily Exercise Can Add 3 Years To Your Life Reducing 14% Chances To Die

A new theory is approved related to the health. Let us elaborate the theory. According to a theory published by ‘The Lancet’ health journal, a person who is unworthy of taking care of his health can reduce his early chances of death by 14% by simply increasing his exercise time with just 15 minutes.

running daily exercise

With just 15 minute increase in the exercise period, a particular person can increase his life by three years. The famous ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO) has given an ultimatum that for a person to be fit, should exercise for 150 minutes i.e. for 2 and a half hours per week.

A survey was done which included approximately 4 lakh people in Taiwan. The survey was based upon time spent by the people to exercise. Hence, five categories were formed on the basis of exercising levels namely ‘Very high’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’, ‘Low’ and ‘Inactive’. On the basis of these categories, the people were divided accordingly. The survey was organized by Chi-Pang Wen ( an higher official of ‘National Health Research Institutes’ of Taiwan) and ‘Jackson Pui Man Wai’ (PhD of ‘National Taiwan Sport University’) who concluded the results of comparisons of Hazard Ratios of every category with the Inactive category.


Encyclopedia Britannica 2011 Ultimate Reference DVD (Win-Mac Hybrid)
Windows/MacOSX | ISO | 10% RAR Recovery | 4.32 GB

Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2011 is like having a complete reference library right at your fingertips. Its contents would easily fill a large bookcase – and now you can have this vast trove of information on your personal computer. With three complete age-appropriate Encyclopaedias, two dictionaries and thesauruses, rich multimedia, interactive article and media tours, homework tools, a complete atlas, timelines, online magazines, and more, the Ultimate Reference Suite is the knowledge you need from the world’s most trusted source.
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010 Ultimate Edition DVD. For Student and Home Use. When you need the facts, turn to the 2010 Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD for trusted information written by Nobel laureates, historians, curators, professors, and other noted authorities. From the youngest student to the curious adult to the most advanced researcher, users of every level will find what they need. Three age appropriate encyclopedias; interactive tutorials in math, science, social studies, and other subjects; homework help; and other essential learning tools make it the most complete reference source available.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2011 Includes:

* Encyclopaedia Britannica
Access the world’s most trusted and authoritative information, featuring over 90,000 articles from the 32-volume Encyclop?dia Britannica print set.

* Britannica Student Encyclopedia
Find information easily in over 16,000 entries that are tailored to school subjects.

* Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia
Instill a look-it-up habit that will stay with students in school and in life.

* Book of the Year
Explore notable events in 11,968 articles covering science, politics, sports, and more from 1993 – 2009.

* Homework Helpdesk
A collection of useful homework resources including a video subject browse, online learning games and activities, online subject spotlights, and how-to documents on topics such as writing a book review.

* Online Learning Games and Activities
Hundreds of fun and interactive games and activities to help students with subjects like Math, Science, and Social Studies.

* Two Complete Dictionaries and Thesauruses from Merriam-Webster®
Together, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® and Student Dictionaries and Thesauruses provide access to 405,000 definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

* Merriam-Webster’s Spanish-English Translation Dictionary
Translate an English word to Spanish and a Spanish word to English with the click of the mouse.

* World Atlas
Take a tour of the world through more than 2,900 maps linked to articles about countries, economies, cultures, and national statistics.

* Timelines
Watch history unfold with timelines that show the people, events, and discoveries of the past.

* Britannica BrainStormer
Discover new ideas and relationships between topics with this interactive tool.

* Britannica Classics
Discover new ideas and relationships between topics with this interactive tool.

* Explore
Easily browse through Videos, Britannica Classics, Classical Music, and more.

* Explore Feature! Heroes & Villains
The “Heroes & Villains” feature provides easy access to more than 600 biographies covering the world’s heroes and villains throughout time.

* Virtual Notecards
Take and save notes from your articles on a virtual notecard. Notes are printable, which makes your research easier, more productive and portable.

* Britannica Workspace
Save articles, images, video, and more in one convenient location to help keep your research organised.

* Rich Multimedia
View vivid illustrations with over 38,000 images, video, and audio that bring fascinating topics to life.

* Additional Videos, Web Links, and Magazines Online
Link to 166,000 sites you can trust-selected by Britannica editors-plus links to thousands of videos and magazines for a wealth of additional information.

Content Counts:

* 105,959 articles/59,863,461 words
* 75,907 Encyclopaedia Britannica
* 15,994 Britannica Student Encyclopaedia
* 2,752 Britannica Elementary Encyclopaedia
* 81 Britannica Classics
* 11,225 Britannica Book of the Year (1993-2008)
* 33,927 photos, illustrations, tables, and special comps

System Requirements:

* Mac® OS 10.4.x, 10.5.x, or 10.6.x w/ Java 1.5
* PowerPC G5 or Intel Core processor
* 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
* 2.08 GB free hard-drive space (4.74 GB for Full installation)
* CD/DVD-ROM drive
* 1024×768 resolution, 16-bit color
* Sound card and speakers recommended
* Printer recommended
* Internet access recommended



A touching Mom Son Love

(A touching photo)

from a hospital in Taiwan.
A son feeds his mother the way she fed him when he was a child..!
Share it please


Beautiful Lines of Life By Immy Khan- Qweetle

Hope is Somewhere Hidden in failure which is the Key to SUCCESS


NoiseControl 1.01 for Adobe Photoshop 2MB Mediafire Download

NoiseControl 1.01 for Adobe Photoshop

Special Thanks and Credit to FREESOFT88

NoiseControl 1.01 for Adobe Photoshop | 2MB
NoiseControl is a plugin for photoshop that is small. This very effectively eliminates noise on the image to keep the essential details and quality photography. We believe that the ability NoiseControl in removing image noise will exceed your expectations based on your experience. Now you can remove the noise without compromise!

Effectively eliminates noise by keeping the image detail and image quality
Automatic calculation of effective denoising settings with noise measuring or evaluating the EXIF data
Apply denoising different settings for shadows, midtones, and highlights nine areas of color
Allows batch processing of image files
Can be applied to images with 8bit and 16bit per channel
Visually compare and choose the parameters of denoising
and much more ...

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Trojan Remover 6.8.3 Full Version Mediafire Download Link

Special thanks and Credit to: freesoft88

Trojan Remover 6.8.3 Full Version Mediafire Download

Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware - Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware - when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always good at effectively removing it.

Trojan Remover is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by standard antivirus and trojan scanners. 

Trojan Remover scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware. Trojan Remover also checks to see if Windows loads Files/Services which are hidden by Rootkit techniques and warns you if it finds any.

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CCleaner Business Edition v3.17.1689 Full Version Mediafire Download

CCleaner Business Edition v3.17.1689 Full Version Mediafire Download

CCleaner Business Edition is the easiest way to make your PC instantly faster. It makes PCs run Clean, Safe and Fast! Whether you have a single computer or several, deploy CCleaner Business Edition in your office for a dramatic improvement in productivity and computer safety.

- Instantly faster PC
- One-Click cleaning
- Faster web browsing
- Eliminates tracking info and super cookies
- Faster PC boot up
- Get 'like new' performance without buying new PC
- Millions of users worldwide

- (Build 1689) fixed bug in Windows Media Player.
- Added wildcard support for Cookie cleaning.
- Improved Google Chrome Saved Form Information cleaning.
- Improved Google Chrome History cleaning for Search Engines.
- Added Hosts history cleaning in Aurora.
- Added Shortcuts history cleaning in Google Chrome Canary.
- Improved JumpList menu to avoid possible UI lock.
- Improved option to close running browsers when cleaning.
- Improved IE AutoComplete Form History and Saved Passwords cleaning.
- Improved shortcut cleaning in Windows 8.
- Added cleaning for CyberLink PhotoDirector 10, DivX player and Snagit 11.
- Improved cleaning for Vuze, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 and Game 
- Improved BitTorrent detection.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

System Requirements:

CCleaner Business Edition is fully tested and certified on:
- Workstations: Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
- Servers: Windows 2008 RC2, 2008, 2003 and 2000.

Credit to: Strom Riders

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MP3 To Ringtone Gold 8 Full Version Mediafire

MP3 To Ringtone Gold 8 Full Version Mediafire

MP3 To Ringtone Gold is a ringtone converter. It can be used to convert mp3, wma, amr, wav, ogg and CD to ringtone format (m4r,mmf, amr, mp3, wav, qcp). You can send them to your cell phone with our online ringtone sender or transfer them to your iphone. It can rip multiple audio CDs at once.

 It also can be used as an MP3 resizer for your MP3 mobile phone. You can save any part of your favorite MP3s, CDs to ringtone format. 64MB MP3 mobile phone can support more than 60 songs. Support drag and drop function (mp3).

What's new in this version: Version 8.0. add the iPhone ringtone format and remove the video functions.


[J-Movie] Peak: The Rescuers 岳-ガク- (2011) Like Mediafire Download

Sanpo Shimazaki (Shun Oguri) is a volunteer mountain rescuer. He climbs mountains all over the world and knows well the difficulties and the beauty of the mountains. Sanpo wants to share his knowledge of the mountains to others. When Sanpo is called into action he never blames others even though their predicament is usually caused by them.

Kumi Shiina (Masami Nagasawa) is new volunteer mountain rescuer attempting to follow in her father's footsteps. Under the guidance of rescue leader Masato Noda (Kuranosuke Sasaki) and Sanpo, Kumi undergoes a strict training regiment. Kumi also learns the perils of her new job - failed missions, the bereaved families blaming the rescuers, and the awesome power of mother nature itself. Kumi becomes tired and loses her confidence. A raging winter storm then strikes the mountain. Multiple distress calls come in. Kumi goes out for a rescue mission and what awaits for her is an unimaginable threat from mother nature...

Title: Peak: The Rescuers
Also Known As: 岳-ガク- / Gaku: Minna no Yama
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama

Shun Oguri - Sanpo Shimazaki
Masami Nagasawa - Kumi Shiina
Kuranosuke Sasaki - Masato Noda
Takuya Ishida - Toshio Akutsu
Yoshie Ichige - Ayako Tanimura
Atsuro Watabe - Hidenori Maki
Toshihiro Yashiba - Yohei Zama
Kyosuke Yabe - Shunichi Ando
Manabu Hamada - Seki
Suzunosuke - Moriya
Hiroyuki Onoue - man in distress
Kazuki Namioka - Sanpo's friend
Ren Mori - Makoto Aoki
Bengal - victim's father
Takashi Ukaji - Shuji Yokoi Kaito Kobayashi - Naota Yokoi Ken Mitsuishi - Ichiro Kaji Noriko Nakagoshi - Yoko Kaji Ken Ishiguro - Kyozo Shiina


[J-Movie] Ten Nights of Dream (2007) Mediafire & IDWS Link Download

Sōseki composed ten strange dreams set in various time periods beginning with his contemporary time (the Meiji period) and including dreams set in the age of the gods, the Kamakura period, and 100 years in the future. The series begins with the phrase “I had a dream like this.” (こんな夢を見た Konna yume o mita).


Based on renowned Japanese writer Natsume Soseki's same-titled short story collection, Ten Nights of Dreams (a.k.a. Yume Juya) brings ten fantastical dream sequences to film with great visual and psychological panache. Representing the combined efforts of eleven directors, this outstanding anthology delves into the surreal subconscious with ten madly imaginative, reality-subverting visions that range from wonderfully wacky to nightmarishly unsettling. The ten shorts are directed by legendary filmmaker Ichikawa Kon, who previously adapted Soseki's Kokoro for film in 1955; late director Jissoji Akio (Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis, Rampo Noir); horror maestro Shimizu Takashi (The Grudge); Blue Ribbon Best Director Nishikawa Miwa (Yureru); Yamashita Nobuhiro (Linda Linda Linda); actor/director Matsuo Suzuki (Otakus in Love, Welcome to the Quiet Room); J-horror standbys Shimizu Atsushi (The Wish), Toyoshima Keisuke (Tales of Terror), and Yamaguchi Yudai (Chromartie High); and the new directing team of Final Fantasy character designer Amano Yoshitaka and game giant Kawahara Masaaki.
Also Known As:夢十夜, Yume jūya
Genre:Drama, Fantasy

Kyoko Koizumi, Suzuki Matsuo, Tsuyoshi Ujiki, Umenosuke Nakamura, Yu Kashii


[C-Movie] The Great Magician (2011) Mediafire Free Download Link

Adapted from the Zhang Haifan novel, The Great Magician is a multi-million dollar co-production between Emperor Motion Pictures and Bona Film Group. Helmed by award-winning director Derek YEE and starring the three most powerful stars in Chinese cinema – Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai, LAU Ching-wan and ZHOU Xun – with Mainland Chinese stars YAN Ni and WU Gang. The Great Magician promises to be the year’s most highly anticipated film.
In the early 1920’s, on the streets of Beijing, the nation’s most talented performers have gathered to show off their most spectacular skills. One day, a challenge is set: 50 silver dollars to whoever can reproduce the incredible magic trick “Eight Immortals’ Treat”. Zhang Xian appears amidst the waiting crowd and decides to try his hand at it.
And so begins a legend that is pure magic

Release Date: 22 December 2011 (China)
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Quality: BluRay 720p
Encoder: Kill-9@Ganool
Source: 720p.BluRay.x264.DTS.DD.2Audio-HDChina
Release Info: NFO

Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Ching Wan Lau
Xun Zhou


[K-Movie] He Was Cool (2004) Mediafire Download link


Having replied to a wicked post on her school website, Ye-won keeps getting a threatening call from a boy named Ji Eun-sung. Having heard about him from her friend, she keeps running away from him. But they kissed accidentally when Ye-won was trying to escape from him. Having his lips stolen by Ye-won, Eun-sung threatens her to marry him, adding that no other girl has ever kissed him before. The only thing Ye-won can do is to obey for whatever Eun-sung said. At first, Ye-won just hate him the most for his self-righteousness and unreasonableness. But she gradually finds herself is starting to fall for him…

Korean Title: Geunomeun Meoshiteotda
Korean Title: The Guy Was Cool
Year: 2004
Director: Lee Hwan-gyeong
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English (srt)
Runtime: 115 mins

Song Seung-heon, Jeong Da-bin, Lee Ki-woo, Lee Min-hyeok, Jeong Woo, Kang Seong-hoon


Aravaan 2012 DVDRip Tamil Movie Like Mediafire Free Download Link

Rip Info : DVDrip
Duration : 2:41min
Imdb :
Genre : Action | Drama | Thriller
Release Date : 2012
Video : 640 x 272
Language : Tamil
Subtitle : N/A
Source : Aravaan (2012) DVDRip Suara Xvid-Desman
File Mirrors : : Mediafire | Jumbofiles | | Rapidshare

    A murder causes severe enmity between two villages and spells the doom for an innocent young man.




Human Target Season 2 HDTV High Definition Mediafire Download

Using the popular DC Comics title as a springboard for riveting and intelligent action and adventure, Human Target provides a thrill ride with no clear boundaries. Mark Valley (Fringe) stars as Christopher Chance, a mysterious security agent for hire who assumes different identities, at times literally becoming a human target.


Download YouTube Downloader Pro Full Mediafire Free Download Link

YouTube Downloader is software that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others and convert them to other video formats.

Get High Definition Video
Download High-Def (HD) 1080P videos from YouTube and all other major video streaming sites with YouTube Downloader. Watching HD YouTube videos from your laptop or mobile device has never been easier!video, and most commonly involves display.

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YouTube Downloader's unique software downloads content from all the major video streaming sites, not only YouTube. It can convert your movie files into any number of formats, including everything from MP3, MP4 and AVI to 3GP and MPEG. View All

Watch on Other Devices
Downloading your favorite streaming videos using YouTube Downloader doesn't mean you have to watch them on one device. YouTube Downloader converts files into playable, portable video formats - including playback on iPod, iPhone, PSP and iTunes. View All

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The YouTube Downloader interface is intuitive and easy to use. Users simply copy and paste a video URL, then click the Download button.

Video Player Integrated
YouTube Downloader will also save files onto its extensive database, allowing you to build a player to categorize and sort your favorite videos, just like you would using iTunes!

YouTube Downloader Pro


Instinct Rip Version PC Game Mediafire Download


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This fast-paced first person shooter (FPS) features state-of-the-art 3-D graphics and an intense storyline that engrosses the player in its world. Created by the best developers that the Russian Federation has to offer, INSTINCT maintains the deep and vivid story with the original Russian voices. The same appeal that moviegoers have for foreign films is brought to life to create a truly unique experience.

Sample Screenshot

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 1.8 ghz Pentium 4, or equivalent AMD CPU
RAM: 512 MB
VGA: 64MB 3D; compatible with DirectX 9.0c
DX: DirectX 9.0c
OS: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2
HDD: 5 GB free space
Sound: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c

Recommended System Requirements
CPU: 2.6 ghz Pentium 4, or equivalent AMD CPU
RAM: 1 GB (1024 mb)
VGA: 256MB 3D; Nvidia Geforce 6800, Ati Radeon X800 or greater
DX: DirectX 9.0c required (included with game)
OS: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2
HDD: 5 GB free space
Sound: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c

Instinct Rip Version

Password/Source- mediafire-games4u

Ridge Racer Unbounded v1.06 (ONLY TRAINER) Mediafire/Jumbofiles


Genre:  Racing
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment

Release name: Ridge Racer Unbounded v1.06 Update PLUS 12TR

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (From Jumbofiles)
Pass Mediafire : FreedomHacker


All Star Superman (2011) BRRip 450MB Mediafire links

[FORMAT]:…………………..[ Matroska
[iMDB RATING ]………………[ 6.9/10
[GENRE]:……………………[ Animation
[FILE SIZE]:………………..[ 450 MB
[RESOLUTION]:……………….[ 1280*720
[ASPECT RATIO]:……………..[ 16/9
[FRAME RATE]:……………….[ 23.976 fps
[LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English
[SUBTITLES]:………………..[ English (Muxed : Not hardsubbed : Can turn off)
[ORIGINAL RUNTIME]:………….[ 01:16:36

Many of the reviewers seemed to have missed the point that this was an adaptation of the 12-part Morrison story to an animated form. Maybe they hadn’t read the maxi-series first. In any case, when you consider that the DVD dealing with the death of the mythic Superman was released the day after the death of the video author, the sad irony is magnified greater. As the final project of Dwayne McDuffie’s strong career, you have to take some consolation that at least he left us on a very high note. I’ve seen almost all of the DC video releases and this one is definitely one of the strongest entries in the series. Not only is the adaptation of the original Grant Morrison well-written but the art-style and the music are also pure and rich

Good Quality Print

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Alias Complete Season 04 Mediafire links Download free

The fourth season of the American drama/adventure television series Alias premiered January 5, 2005 on ABC and concluded May 25, 2005 and was released on DVD in region 1 on October 25, 2005. Guest stars in season four include Sônia Braga, Joel Grey, Michael McKean, Lena Olin, Isabella Rossellini .
Unlike all other seasons of the series, the fourth season aired entirely during the latter half of the American television season, allowing for a more continuous run. Only one Wednesday evening (February 2) was skipped in this run, so as not to coincide with the 2005 State of the Union Address from President George W. Bush.
The scheduling shift for the fourth season was prompted by displacement of the series from its previous time slot (Sundays 9:00 p.m. ET/8:00 p.m. CT), due to the success of Alias' fall replacement — season one of Desperate Housewives. ABC's other notable new series from the season, Lost, became the lead-in program for Alias. A new night, new lead-in, and noticeable lack of weeks without new episode broadcasts are thought to have contributed to some of the series' best overall ratings during its five-season run.


Firelight 2012 DVDRip Movie Mediafire Free Download Link

by mediafirebuzz

Rip Info : DVDrip
Duration : 1h 36mn
Imdb :
Genre : Drama
Release Date : 2012
Video : 853x480
Language : English
Subtitle : N/A
Source : Firelight 2012 DVDRip x264-HANDJOB
File Mirrors : : Mediafire | Jumbofiles | | Rapidshare

    The incarcerated girls and young women come from troubled – often violent – backgrounds. According to DJ, “They come in [here] so broken…These are girls who’ve been abused and objectified their whole lives.” The film illustrates how many of the young women achieve salvation through joining an elite band of volunteers tasked with battling forest fires, building hiking trails in remote areas and assisting during natural disasters. 


Graphics & Design / 3D People vol. 1 (Links FIXED) Hotfile Download

 3D People vol. 1 (Links FIXED)

By Myfreedownloadz

Formats: vray, 3ds, obj, max, dxf, fbx, mental ray.

Description: 10 high quality 3d models of people with textures and materials (5 female figures, 5 female figures).

Detail: Info

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Amar Akbar Anthony (1979) Blueray BRRIP via DVD Mediafire

A ex-convict must flee his mob boss, leaving his family to fend for themselves. His wife goes blind and his children are abandoned. They are adopted by a Hindu policeman, a Muslim tailor, and a Catholic priest. The Hindu-raised son becomes a policeman in his turn; his Muslim-raised brother becomes a singer; and the last son, played by Amitabh, becomes a happy-go-lucky Catholic who lives on the edge of the law. The boys meet again and their lives become entangled in an incredible plot full of unlikely coincidences and furious action sequences interspersed with songs. In the end, the grieving mother recovers her sight, the evil mob boss is punished, and the family is at last re-united.

IMDB rating: 7.9/10
 Genre: Action | Comedy | Drama | Family
Size: 1.4 GB
Language: Hindi
Forma: MKV
Runtime: 184 min
Directed by:  Manmohan Desai

Sample Screen

Starring: Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan

Fantastic Four 1 2005 BrRip 720p Dual [English Hindi] Mediafire Download

Fantastic Four (2005)
Imdb Rating: 5.7
Director by: Tim Story
Star Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba
Type: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Language: English And Hindi [Dual]
Release On: 8 July 2005(USA)

File Info:
File: Fantastic_Four_1_2005_BrRip_720p_Dual_Eng_Hindi.mkv
Size: 1588142672 bytes (1.48 GB), duration: 01:41:11, avg.bitrate: 2093 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (eng)
Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo (hin)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x544, 25.00 fps(r) (eng)
Language: English And Hindi [Dual]

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The Odds 2011 DVDRIP Movie Mediafire Free Download Link

Rip Info : DVDrip
Duration : 01:31:43
Imdb :
Genre : Crime | Mystery
Release Date : 2011
Video : 704x298
Language : English
Subtitle : N/A
Source : The Odds 2011 DVDRIP XVID-WBZ
File Mirrors : : Mediafire | Jumbofiles | | Rapidshare

    A murder mystery set in the world of illegal teenage gambling. A 17-year old must find his best friends’ killer before the game is exposed.

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Bones Complete Season 05 Mediafire links Download

Bones Complete Season 05 Mediafire links Download

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