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Aansoo Shayari SMS

Aansoo Shayari SMS

Bighi Palkon Tale Hum Ne Chupae Ansoo,
Hasna Chaha Maghar Ankh Me Ae Ansoo,
Tum Ko Malum Shaed Ho K Na Ho,
Tere Jane Pe Bhohat Hum Ne Bahae Ansoo,
Pyar Ik Khel Kaha Tha Ke Tamasha Karte,
Hum Ne Yeh Soch Ke Khud Se Bhi Chupae Ansoo,
Jo Tere Sangh Bite The Vo Din Yaad Bhohat Ae,
Hum Ne Injame Muhabat Pe Bahae Ansoo,
Tu Sada Khush Rahe,
Teri Ankh Me Kabhi Ek Bhi Na Ae Ansoo..

Meri kasam…

Wo pyar ka sabot dikhaya karte the…
Ansu baha ke hume manaya karte the…
Is zindagi main sirf aap se wasta hai…
Wo aksar hame batlaya karte the…
Sone ki fursat kise the….
Wo hume saari raat jagaya karte the…
Bechaini jab had se zyada badh jati the…
Tab wo jee bhar ke gale lagaya karte the…
Wo mohabbat karne wale badal gaye….
Jo har baat par “meri kasam” khaya karte the…

Rasta bhi ussi ka tha…

Manzil bhi ussi ke thi, raasta bhi ussi ka tha…
Main sift ekela tha, baki sab kaarwa bhi ussin ka tha…
Meri saath chalne ke soch bhi ussi kit hi, phir meri ko chdne ka faisla bhi ussi ka tha…
Meri aankhoon main sapna bhi ussi ka tha, ab aansoo ka samandar bhi ussi ka ka hai,
Mera dil agsar ab swaal karta hai mujse, ke sab kuch ussi ka tha per ….
“kya kudha bhi ussi ka tha”

Jo ansu ki tarah behta..

Jo ansu ki tarah behta gya wo raqt hu mai….
jise qadam qadam par ajmaya gya wo waqt hu mai…..
shayad isi tarah “honey” likhi meri taqdeer khuda ne ….
jise chahne wala to mila par chaha na gya aise shaqs hu mai…


Love Is It


Love is unpredictable Love is uncontainable,
Love is reliable Love is infallible.
Love is right Love is wrong,
Love is weak Love is strong.
Love is good Love is pure,
Love is real Love is sure.
Love is jealous Love is pain,
Love is lost Love is gained.
Love is naked Love is raw,
Love is everything Love is all.
Love is here Love is there,
Love is beautiful Love is fair.
Love is great Love is shit,
Love is demanding Love is it….


My Idea Of Love

Love remedy wallpaper pack by thaulow Romantic And Love Wallpapers For Your Valentine

Love is pure and sacred,
Love is truth and everything good,
Love is selfless and undemanding; giving and not expecting in return.
It was love that gave India freedom,
So love is Gandhi.
Love gives us strength,
Love makes us fearless,
Love awakens the soul,
Love enlightens the mind,
Love gives us wisdom,
Love is Mahaveer, Buddha, Christ & Allah.
To love is to nurture,
To love is to cherish,
To love is to care &
To love is to heal,
Love is Service,
Love is Sacrifice,
Love is life,
And this life is Mother Teresa.


Love in whole lot of answers

Love Wallpaper by Blackdraft Romantic And Love Wallpapers For Your Valentine

Love is not a color,
Love is not a game,
Love is just a feeling,
Love is really lame.
Love will make u smile,
Love will make u cry,
Love will make u confused,
Love will make u ask y,
Love can be a good thing,
Love can really suck,
Love depends on your “lover”,
Love is good or bad luck.
Love is really stupid,
Love makes me wanna die,
Love will come to an end,
Love will then make u cry.
Love has no point,
Love is just pretending,
Love is what I hate,
Love has no freaking ending.
Love is understanding,
Love is compromise,
Love is generosity,
Love is sacrifice.
Love does not discriminate,
Love is free of charge,
Love is the solution,
Love is who we are.
Love is universal,
Love is heaven sent,
Love was fastened to the cross,
Love’s greatest testament.
Love is triumphant,
Love is somersaults,
Love is compassion,
Love is free of fault.
Love is forgiveness,
Love offers a hand,
Love is eternal,
Love is His command.


She Changed The Definition Of Love For Me

What is love, Love is you that’s why I can see you,
Most people can’t see love but me and you,
Can see it cause we understand love.
What is Love, Love is your smile,
When I say sweet things just a while.
What is Love, Love is soft and tender,
When I kiss your smooth lips,
What is Love, Love is a wonder,
Feeling for passionate thoughts.
What is Love, Love is thinking,
About someone all day and night,
What is Love, Love is maintaining,
The meaning of trust, love, being loyal,
What is Love, Love is placing,
The whole world at her feet,
Just to see her have peace.
What is Love, Love is you and I,
Being together all day and forever,
What is Love, Love is eye to eye,
Level never looking below the heart,
What is Love, Love is all over the sky,
when I’m with you What is Love, Love is
you because you have had my heart
from the start.


My Love My Love My Love......

My love, my love,
Is this love,
You beat me black and blue,
You clipped my wings so I can’t fly,
My love, my love,
Is this love.
I crouch in my dark room,
Waiting to see some light,
My love, my love,
I express my love, by giving my heart to you.
My love, my love you express your love by using your fists,
My love, my love is this what they call love.


Love Can Be Anything like....

Love can be natural,
Love can be mechanical,
Love can be informal or formal,
Love can be functional or dysfunctional.
Love can be an animal,
Love can be a mammal,
Love can be a penpal,
Love can be official or unofficial,
Love can be educational or inspirational.
Love can be conventional,
Love can be emotional,
Love can be fragmental,
Love can be brutal or fatal,
Love can be accidental or occasional,
Love can be casual, crucial or gradual,
Love can be general or global.
Ok! Give it to me,
What else can it be?


What Is Love?? Love Is...

I love   Wallpaper by pincel3d Romantic And Love Wallpapers For Your Valentine

Love is the greatest gift of life,
Love is the greatest bond,
Between a husband and wife.
Love is unbelievable,
Love is humble,
Love is a golden gamble,
Love is life’s symbol.
Love is mysterious,
Love is hilarious,
Its power enormous.
Love is the greatest trial of life,
While taking life’s test drive,
Love is the single element,
In any moment to hold on to survive.
Love is smile,
Love is a mother’s strength,
Love is a father’s pride,
Love is a friend’s support,
Love is united kindness,
Love is compassion,
Love is affection.
Love is the greatest joy of life,
Give love, do not deprive,
Without it, we shall not strive on!
Love is for friends,
Love is for family,
Love is for lovers,
Love is for all.
Love me for me,
As I love you for you.


Love in Lot of Ways

I love the way you hold me,
I love the way you care,
I love the way you look at me,
And how you’re always there.
I love the way you kiss me,
And how you hold me tight,
I love the way you make me laugh,
When we talk all night.
I love the way I don’t have to act,
I love that there’s nothing to hide,
I love the way you grab my hand,
And pull me to your side.
I love the way you wrap me up,
I love the way you touch me,
I love the way my heart floats now,
Because you’ve set it free.
I love the way that I feel loved,
I love that I don’t cry,
I love the way my doubt’s erased,
And you don’t have to try.
I love the way I trust you,
I love the way you grin,
I love the way I feel now,
So safe, it makes me spin.
I love the way you say “I love you”,
I love the way smile,
I love how you make me laugh,
More than just once in awhile.
I love the way you make me happy,
I love the way we’re true,
I love the way you love me,
But mostly that I love you.


I Used To Know A Woman

I used to know a woman deep within the sky,
She was sweet and had something pure to her cry,
But things changed and the distance caused her to flea,
There are no more beautiful skies of stars left to see.
My heart had shattered like a rock smashing a car windshield,
MY moves used to be smooth but now I must yield.
Our souls used to tangle more than vines growing up a tree,
But the newspapers are all sold out, There are no stories for me.
The fifth amendment is the only defense left to plea,
With her I could pick my battles and win my wars,
See the sun and the sky, but no longer that star outdoors.


My sweet Jenny

He must have been a special man,
One so lucky to court you when.
Perhaps a rose or a hand held tight?
A cinema movie your first date?
And life unfolded, stars twirled,
Yesterdays so close, years pass,
Your man and you wedded long,
Until the day his body had to pass.
Tears flowed hearts were broken,
but love mends, mends with time,
and time makes memories old classics.
Your mind the cinema now and for sure.
He is still holding your hand,
My sweet Jenny.

Love is a Bond

Love is a bond that only you and me can see,
Love is a stepping stone in life u may get stepped on but someone will always wipe you clean.

You Know That I


You Know That I Love Ya
You Know That Is Right
And I’m Never Gonna See You Again
You Know That It’s True
You Know That I Love Ya
And I’m Never Gonna See You Again
Come Over And See Me
You Know Thay You’d Like That
……And I’m Never Gonna See You Again.

Love can..


Love can sometimes be fresh.
Love can sometimes be new.
Love can sometimes make you happy.
And sometimes make you blue.
Love is the light that radiates from your eyes.
Love is your image floating in the skies.
Love is true.
And darling, the only love for me is you.


The Night Was Made For Romance


The night was made for romance.
In the night our two hearts dance.
Under the stars our lips touch.
In the garden your embrace means so much.
The night was made for love.
Our hearts cooing like a white dove.
Your eyes sparkling like diamonds so white.
I love you darling with all my might.
The night was made for caring and trust.
And darling, God made this night for us.


Our Love-As long as there is love

As long as there is love, I will cherish you.
As long as there is life, I will love you.
As long as the stars shine above, I will want you.
As long as there are waves in the ocean, I will need you.
As long as there is heaven above, there will always be our love.

My Love-My love sails on

My love sails on blue waters.
Blue waters of your heart.
My love dances on the wind.
The wind of your soul.
My love is a true reflection.
Reflection of your eyes.
My love will live forever.
In your body and soul.


Your Love-Your love is like

That sparkle in the night.
Your love is like the stars.
That shine so bright.
Your love is like the wind.
That feels so cool.
Your love is like ice cream.
That tastes so smooth.
Your love is like the sky.
That is so blue.
Your love is like a bright sunny day.
That makes the world seem new.

A Sweetheart

A sweetheart is one of God’s greatest creations.
Whose love brings to the heart.
A sweet sensation.
She makes everyday worth living.
Her love is always there for the giving.
A love that makes sorrow take flight.
That lights up the heart.
Like fireflies light up the night.

This Love - This love runs on

This love runs on emotion.
This love is fueled by devotion.
This love floats on feelings.
Higher than a cathedral ceiling.
This love soars on the breeze of monogamy.
Two hearts in perfect harmony.
This love is you.
This love is me.
Together, forever through eternity.

Dreams - Some people dream of

Some people dream of diamonds.
Some people dream of gold.
But I dream of you love.
Until the night grows cold.
Prayer kept me safe.
Visions of you kept me warm.
Thinking of you through the night.
Secure from harm.
Some people dream of riches.
A whole lot of money.
But I will dream of you always.
My precious honey.

Our Romance - Our romance is like

Our romance is like the sun gleaming.
The moon beaming.
Our romance is like the stars shining so bright.
All through the heavenly night.
Our romance is like violins playing.
Sunny days staying.
Our romance is like birds singing.
Bells ringing.
Our romance is like rivers flowing.
Flowers growing.
Our romance is like a cool wind.
Love that never ends.

Loving You - Loving you is as pure as

Loving you is as pure as the snow in winter.
Sweet as the air in spring.
Bright as the sun in summer.
Beautiful as the leaves in fall.
Loving you fulfills me.
Your love is real to me.
Loving you excites my soul.
Your love makes my life whole.


True Love - A call is made

A call is made,
Though no one can hear it.
It tries to break through,
But with its size it can’t fit.
Though timid it is, and how quiet its voice,
The passion inside,
Screams as if there’s no choice.
It lets it all go,
When there is no one around,
But it thinks to itself,
I must let this be found.
No more hiding away,
I’ll reveal its great force,
And it will all be worth it,
Even if there’s remorse.
It’s only three words,
After all, that’s not bad,
But a pause after hearing them,
Could make someone sad.
Just wondering about this right now,
Is making me think, “Should I do it?”
But I am going to really let it out,
All because she is worth it.
“Why has he not said a thing?”
A lass announced out loud,
I know he loves me, I know its true,
But is he really just too proud?
To say three words Is not that hard,
But three words with such a meaning,
Are not said too often, nor enough
To spread the forsaken feeling.
She was lost in thought,
If he loved her or not,
For many parts of the day,
She asked herself,
“Why would such a guy
Make me feel this way?
Well maybe he feels this way too,
but is too shy to show it.
I’ll wait days and nights if I must!
I’ll wait so long my clothes won’t fit,
My heart’s too full of love and lust,
I won’t give up one tiny bit!
Over this debate she cried and she fussed,
All because he is worth it.


Love - You entered my life like

You entered my life like a smooth storm,
Planning to take its course into deeper depths,
I couldn’t stop.
The touch of you makes thousand watts charged within me,
Wish I could show you how I feel,
Your breath intoxicates me to have you,
The look in our eyes vapourises the very existence of me,
When I am with you, I see nothing other than you,
I just love being with you,
I want to live every moment with you,
Wish this moment of thinking of you doesn’t slip away.


Please Don’t Cry - You wont look Beautiful :)

Please don’t cry baby,
Let me dry your eyes,
Please don’t cry baby,
Come here,
Let me hold you.
Can you hear my heart beat baby?
Can you hear it call your name?
Can you hear my heart beat.
Close your eyes baby,
Let me dry your tears away,
Close your eyes baby,
I’ll be here always.
Lift you up when you are down,
Keep you high, to watch the ground.
Show you what you deserve,
And prove to you, you are what my heart yearns.
Please don’t cry baby,
Let me dry your eyes,
Please don’t cry baby,
Come here,
Let me hold you.

Baby I love you - Love you the way you call me

Baby I love the way you call me baby boo,
Baby I love your tough,
Baby I love your smell,
Baby I love your kisses,
I just love you.
Baby it’s so real,
Baby it’s not a dream,
Baby it’s true I love you.
Baby I do anything for you,
I just love you.
Baby I love when you care,
Baby I love when you have no fears,
Baby I love when your all about courage.
I love you 

Baby Your Love Is The Sweetest Sin - Which Shines

Baby your love is the sweetest sin,
Which shines like the stars above,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin.
That shows you’ll always be my love,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin.
Adding music to my life,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin,
Which saves me from this pain and strife.
Baby your love is the sweetest sin,
You know you rock my world,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin.
You know I’ll always be your girl,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin.
Which washes away my pain,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin,
I’m happy and you’re the one to blame.
Baby your love is the sweetest sin,
Of you I’ll never tire,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin.
You are the spark that lights my fire,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin.
To you I’ll always be devout,
Baby your love is the sweetest sin,
Which I cannot live without.


My Promise To You- I will Love You forever

I promise baby, I’ll love you,
And with you forever I’ll stay,
I’ll do anything and everything,
To keep any harm to you away.
I promise baby, I’ll give you hugs,
That only I can give,
I’ll honor and protect you,
As long as I shall live.
I promise baby, I’ll give you kisses,
So sweet that forever you’ll taste,
I’ll kiss you until every tomorrow is here,
No kisses for you will go to waste.
I promise baby, I’ll be here with you,
Like I know you’ll be here for me,
I’ll bring happiness to your eyes,
That can only be brought by me.
I promise baby, I’ll never again hurt you,
Forever have no fears,
I’ll give up everything,
To see you cry no tears.
I promise baby you can trust me,
I’ll give you the world and more,
I’ll be your fairy-tale suitor,
You shall be my Cinderella girl.
I promise baby I’ll treat you,
As every women should be,
My beautiful royal princess,
I’ll show you off for everyone to see.
I promise all this to you,
Promises so deep,
I promise baby,
All of these to keep.

Baby - Baby i Miss you So

Baby, I miss you so,
I need to hold you though,
But I know I shouldn’t,
I know I wouldn’t.
Baby I need you though,
But I need to keep it on the low,
Baby, I forgive you so,
but i don’t know if i should let go.
I dream about you all the time,
Thinking one day you will be mine.
I’m waiting for valentines,
Baby, I am truthful to you though,
I see myself on the low.
Baby, I wish you knew,
How I’m feeling very blue.
Baby, if you were mine,
I know everything would be fine.
I don’t yet understand you,
But I wish I knew,
Baby, I am the one so,
But are you the one for me though?

Hey Baby Stop Crying

Hey baby stop crying because today is a new day,
Hey baby stop crying because there is no more pain,
Hey baby stop crying because no beating from today,
No shouting and crying its going to be just you and me.
Hey baby stop crying because we going to open a new page,
While there is no crying, no sadness until the end,
Hey baby stop crying cause he went away.


Anger - Anger is not love

Anger is not love,
Anger is drinking,
Anger is killing someone,
Anger one thing never do,
Love, anger love not anger,
Anger is ramming you head through a glass door.
When your are man you do stupid things,
Stupid things that are stupid,
When mad you don’t feel nothing,
Anger we all have,
Anger you cant change.
When mad stays,
Stay away from everyone,
Anger can kill because you do stupid things,
When mad sleep,
Anger just anger,


The Anger Inside Me - Anger is deep within me

Anger is deep within me,
Anger is what I want to hear,
Anger drives me crazy,
Anger is what turns me on,
Anger wants to kill me,
Anger is what makes me mad.
Anger inside me,
Needs to stop,
Where did it come from,
Will it ever stop,
My anger is uncontrollable,
Anger lashes out at innocent victims,
But, why, where, who, what
Brought me so much anger?
Everything makes more anger in me,
Life full of pain,
Is there ever gonna be an ending?


Anger Does Not Pay - Anger is red Danger

Anger is red danger,
But a familiar stranger.
So It came as no surprise,
At the times I have paid the price.
More than the usual thrice,
Before becoming very wise.
The judge said,
I should have been put in a cage,
If one considers all the damage.
I brought on with my rage.
I knew,
My anger was unreasonable,
My anger was invincible.
My anger was uncontrollable,
But still very reversible.
You see,
In anger I always surrender,
To the pressure I am under.
In anger, I ungraciously lose,
To the one I righteously accuse.
In anger, I immoderately protest,
Instead of letting things rest.
Then trying responsibly to digest.
And deal with issues best.
So I say, So I say
Anger does not pay,
Anger does not stay.
Delay it from display,
In time it will only go away.
Now I know that,
Anger does not pay,
Anger does not stay.
Calmness you should play,
Before you begin to fall astray.


I Hate It- I hate how i loved you

I hate how I loved you,
I hate how I felt,
I hate everything you said,
That made my heart melt.
I hate what you did,
I hate how I hurt,
I hate how you left me,
Alone to die in the dirt.
I hate how you said you loved me,
I hate that I thought it was true,
I hate that I let my wall down,
And let myself fall in love with you.
I hate how I was so stupid,
I hate that I fell so hard,
I hate how I let you in,
And watched you steal my heart.
I hate how much you put me through,
I hate how much I cried,
I hate that I don’t understand,
Why you had to lie.
I hate how I try to hate you,
I hate it that I can’t,
I hate it that I miss you,
Even though you don’t.
I hate how I still love you,
I hate how I still care,
But most of all I hate it,
That you are no longer here.


I Hate You - Yes I Hate You

I hate you,
I hate how you complain,
I hate how you moan,
I hate how you groan,
I hate how you criticize,
I hate how you fuss,
I hate how you cuss,
I hate how you get angry,
I hate how you get mad,
I hate how you get up-tight,
I hate how you get pissed-off,
I hate how you get aggravated,
I hate how you get built up,
But most of all,
I Hate You.


I Hate - I hate the Way You..

I hate the way you smile,
I hate the way you make me smile,
I hate the way you make me feel,
I hate the way you sound when your sleepy.
I hate the way you used to tickle my back,
I hate the way you used to call me baby,
I hate the sparkle in you eyes,
I hate the tenderness in your touch,
I hate the way you could cheer me up.
I hate all those memories we made together,
I hate every song we ever sang to each other.
I hate how hard headed you are,
I hate the movie step up,
I hate the song, a moment like this,
I hate how I cant hate the one I truly loved.
I hate how I loved you,
I hate you in baseball season,
I hate how I used to call you,
I hate that bitch your with,
I hate how hurtful you are,
but the thing I hate most of all,
I hate that I cant hate you.


Anger - Anger is a result

Anger is a result of fear,
A result of heartache and tears.
Anger causes pain,
Which in the end will remain.
Hidden in the past,
It all came out last.
For waiting to long,
Would cause the suffering to go on.
And in the end,
Hopefully all the anger will be gone,
And forgiving would be granted.
To the pain, suffering, tears and fear that they started,
Forgetting won’t be easy,
But in the end you will sleep peacefully,
With the comfort of knowing.
It is better talking about the problems than any showing,
And later on, All will be said and done.
The anger and everything else will be over,
I’ll be by my maker, who will offer me a shoulder,
To cry, to scream all the hurt within
Won’t solve anything.
And in the end to rise, towards the skies,
To see the gates,
Where my Lord Jesus awaits.


My Anger -Anger is a feeling

Anger is a feeling,
Something that can control you
if you let it.
Some people take their anger out,
On other people, or other things.
I tend to do it differently.
Some people write when they are angry
Some people draw.
Me, I’m not like any of these people at all.
I don’t let my anger show to anyone but me.
I keep my anger to myself,
But when it gets to be too much,
I just cant control myself.
I go to my room and lock the door,
Blast my music until every voice in my head,
Telling me not to do what I’m about to do is just a blur.
I open my drawer,
Take out my scissors, and I cut
until the pain in my arm dulls out
the pain in my heart…..
Then I’m done.
Put the scissors away,
Turn off the music,
Unlock the door,
And go on with my life…….
Until I just cant take it any more.


Anger Rages Inside- Anger is Bubbling

Anger is bubbling away at me,
Burning a whole in my heart,
Making me burn with rage,
I have good reason to be angry.
I only wish,
I could make them pay,
Put them through,
What they did to me.
Anger is destroying me,
For I’m hell bent on revenge,
I would love to dish out,
My own justice,
But I cant.
Anger Bubbles away.
Like a swishing sound,
Of the waves,
Like a brook babbles,
Anger takes a hold.

Anger- I take Chaos

I take chaos, as it takes me.
I know people are terrified of the bomb… that is etched with anger waiting to explode.
This bomb resembles (me)
People watch the rage inside build up the loneliness, the heart break.. the depression.
Just watching me as I grow. The silence is breath taking.
I don’t know if I’ll come back.
I’m reaching and grasping for something that isn’t there.
All I can see is the red burning pain (my blood is rushing the fire is through my veins).
The anger is in the air.
There is now no one there, nothing just dust inside.
Its cold.
(I have disappeared)

Alone me (Alone Poem)

I never feel alone when you are near.
Life is sunshine and roses because you are here.
I never feel sad and blue when I’m with you.
Because I found a love so beautiful and true.

I walk through life without a care.
I know that your love will always be there.
In this life I know no fear.
Because your love and God give me strength my dear.


Your Love Is Beyond The Spoken Lies

There was time when you loved me and i loved someone else
You put your hopes high on me but i wanted sumthing else
Then, that someone broke me into pieces and opened up my eyes
And I saw him walk away and tried not to cry
You were there picking up every piece of me with your bleeding eyes
I was helpless then but you took me by surprise
You said you still love me after all the goodbyes
Your love stood strong cause you didnt let it die
It was then I knew that the bond we have cannot be untied
I hold you close to me and with a cute smile you shy 
That's when I know that your love is beyond those spoken lies


Single Thread

When I was a weaver, I chose 
a red silk thread to get me to the heart 
of my creation and then back out, 
across the loom, to whatever life was waiting.

And when you found the little red pathway, 
buried between warp and woof, you were sure 
you'd found a flaw. Please remember what happens

when there's no exit. Years of breathing 
wool dust, reeking of lanolin, staring into coils 
of green yarn and blue—you go dumb.

You've heard the story a thousand times—
that trapped fox, whining and snuffling 
then biting her paw 
through the bone, and running off into the night.

The mind wants this: a door in the wall, 
         an open field, a narrow path 
         through the woods, an open field

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