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Life Before Computer?? Guess what??

Life before Computer:


-Window was a square hole in a room.

-Application was something written in paper.

-Mouse was an animal.

-Keyboard was a Piano.

-File was a important office material.

-Hard Drive was a uncomfortable road trip.

-Cut was done with Knife n Paste was done with Glue.

-Web was spider's home.

-Virus was flu.

-Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.

-We couldn't "UNDO" anything we have done..!

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Real Imagination Of Engineering

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civil+electronics+mechanical+electerical+comp engineering student...


Amazing Photography


A Touching and a real value Love towards my mom.

I would love to serve all the mothers of those heartless childs who are leaving their LIFE alone in this cruel world.... :(

ToDay i goT thE ReAL AnSweR thAt,,, Y i m So SLeePLess!!
.Meri ammi ko bulaa de koi
Warna mujhko hi sulaa de koi
Mujhko bistar ki to aadat hi nahin
Apni godi main jhulaa de koi
Shayad aa jaayen wo rona sunkar
Mujh ko bewajah rulaa de koi
Mainey kaee roz se nahin khaya
Us mohabbat se khilaa de koi
Mujhko khwaahish nahin miley duniya
Mujhko ammi se milaa de koi…
HoW SeLfisH We Are,, JuSt look At thiS piC,,, Wrinkled FACe,,,TeethLEss JAws,,,, BuT A Gorgeous SmiLE on Face ♥
FeeL thiS momEnt,,,,,, Every OnE is PAssinG thRough in AC Cars,,, and She IS SeLLinG theSe CheaPEst PEnS in SunShinE,, EVen no OnE iS loOkinG aT HEr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :(

I m SOrry ALLAH!!,,,,,,,,,,, GiVe me SuCH a PoTenTiaL to SerVe MY LiFE foR the MothERs of ThiS woRLd :'( UnTiL my SouL LEfT my BOdy

.Em ReaLLy noThinG wiDouT u,,, ITs too DiffiCuLt to LiVe WiDout U :'(

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Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadow

Q- Star-- 3.5/5




Mission Impossible 4 [2011] *TS Rip* [450MB]

Q- Star-- 3.5/5




Alvin And The Chipmukns Chipwrecked (2011) CAMRip [300MB]

Q- Star-- 3.5/5




Emotional & Beautiful Lines about Life. Heart touching.

Kash ke ye pal dobara mujhe jene ka mauka deti



How to Disable Your Facebook Timeline App

disable Timeline layout
Facebook timeline is a great way of displaying your old photos, memorable posts and apps with your friends and family. This feature changes your entire Facebook Profile layout into a more attractive look. I previously wrote a tutorial on how to Enable Facebook Timeline Feature and today I am sharing the tutorial on how to completely remove the timeline app from your profile and revert to older Facebook profile layout. Since this time-based story telling did receive mixed feedback therefore it would be really helpful for most of you to learn how to undo/delete this application.
 UPDATE: Facebook Timeline has been officially activated on all old layouts. Know why you can't undo Facebook Timeline?
How To Disable Facebook Timeline Layout?

Log in to your Facebook account
Then visit this page Developers
Towards your left you will see apps. Choose the app you created for timeline. In my case I named it Timeline Feature.
timeline settings
    4.     Click the Edit Settings link,
edit timeline settings
     5.   Then on the settings page towards bottom-left you will see many options under related links, Choose Delete App. Which will delete the timeline app.
delete timeline
       6.   Confirm to delete the app and Bingo you have successfully shifted back to the older Profile view.
older Facebook layout
Visit your profile to see it in its exact previous look and layout.

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Metro GGoldwyn Mayer Fact

The lion used in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo killed his trainer the next day after it was filmed.

Google History in fascinating way


Big Ben Secret

The clock tower that supports the famous clock "Big Ben" at the house of parliament in London, is 320 feet hight. The bell from which the clock gets its name, weighs 13.5 tons!

Ant's Capability- fascinating uncommon facts

Experiments with ants have shown that they are capable of lifting stones fifty times their own weight and pulling loads three hundred times their own weight.


The tip of the kiwi's beak is so sensitive it can detect worms deep in the ground.

The tip of the kiwi's beak is so sensitive it can detect worms deep in the ground.


How to play 3D movies on PC?

can watch movies on a non 3D monitor by real-time conversion software’s like TMT5 or PDVD11. You will need Red-Cyan Anaglyph glasses to watch these movies. You can also run 3D movies by using Stereoscopic Player.

How To Delete "autorun.inf" Virus?

Autorun.inf is the file that tells the USB what do when you plug it into the computer. (like a CD when you put it into your computer). Try having a look at hidden folders and files and stuff. You can try to use microsoft security essentials. I scanned one of my pendrive and it detected the autorun.inf virus from the pendrive and asked me to clean my computer so i clicked it and i think it removed it but if it is quarantined you have to go to the history and removed it from there.Microsoft security essentials detected the autorun.inf virus in my pendrive... but in your friend's hdd maybe it should detect it too... so i guess that you should ask your friend to try to use microsoft security essentials to remove it. One simple tweak you can try: REGEDIT4
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\Autorun.inf] @="@SYS:DoesNotExist"
That simple registry tweak will prevent a similar file from ever triggering again.
Or you can try some software's:


Health-care facility recommendations for standard precautions

1. Hand hygiene1
Summary technique:
 Hand washing (40–60 sec): wet hands and apply soap; rub all surfaces; rinse hands and dry thoroughly with a single use towel; use towel to turn off faucet.
 Hand rubbing (20–30 sec): apply enough product to cover all areas of the hands; rub hands until dry.
Summary indications:
 Before and after any direct patient contact and between patients, whether or not gloves are worn.
 Immediately after gloves are removed.
 Before handling an invasive device.
 After touching blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions,
non-intact skin, and contaminated items, even if gloves are worn.
 During patient care, when moving from a contaminated
to a clean body site of the patient.
 After contact with inanimate objects in the immediate vicinity of the patient.
2. Gloves
 Wear when touching blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, mucous membranes, nonintact skin.
 Change between tasks and procedures on the same patient after contact with potentially infectious material.
 Remove after use, before touching non-contaminated items and surfaces, and before going to another patient. Perform hand hygiene immediately after removal.
3. Facial protection (eyes, nose, and mouth)
 Wear (1) a surgical or procedure mask and eye protection
(eye visor, goggles) or (2) a face shield to protect mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth during activities that are likely to generate splashes or sprays of blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions.
4. Gown
 Wear to protect skin and prevent soiling of clothing during activities that are likely to generate splashes or sprays of blood, body fluids, secretions, or excretions.
 Remove soiled gown as soon as possible, and perform
hand hygiene.
5. Prevention of needle stick and injuries from other sharp instruments2
Use care when:
 Handling needles, scalpels, and other sharp instruments
or devices.
 Cleaning used instruments.
 Disposing of used needles and other sharp instruments.
6. Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
Persons with respiratory symptoms should apply source control measures:
 Cover their nose and mouth when coughing/sneezing with tissue or mask, dispose of used tissues and masks, and perform hand hygiene after contact with respiratory secretions.
Health-care facilities should:
 Place acute febrile respiratory symptomatic patients at least 1 metre (3 feet) away from others in common waiting
areas, if possible.
 Post visual alerts at the entrance to health-care facilities
instructing persons with respiratory symptoms to practise respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette.
 Consider making hand hygiene resources, tissues and masks available in common areas and areas used for the evaluation of patients with respiratory illnesses.
7. Environmental cleaning
 Use adequate procedures for the routine cleaning and disinfection of environmental and other frequently touched surfaces.
8. Linens
Handle, transport, and process used linen in a
manner which:
 Prevents skin and mucous membrane exposures and contamination of clothing.
 Avoids transfer of pathogens to other patients and or the environment.
9. Waste disposal
 Ensure safe waste management.
 Treat waste contaminated with blood, body fluids, secretions and excretions as clinical waste, in accordance
with local regulations.
 Human tissues and laboratory waste that is directly associated with specimen processing should also be treated as clinical waste.
 Discard single use items properly.
10. Patient care equipment
 Handle equipment soiled with blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions in a manner that prevents skin and mucous membrane exposures, contamination of clothing, and transfer of pathogens to other patients or the environment.
 Clean, disinfect, and reprocess reusable equipment appropriately before use with another patient.


Exercise and Fitness

Simple fitness exercises can help to have a fitter and healthy life. Stretching exercises can help in many ways in mainting a fitter body. Weight loss can be achieved by following simple effortless regular exercises. Medical breakthroughs can happen by regular meditation and exercising. Yoga and other workouts which can be performed easily are available in this website to keep you fit and healthy.

Health and Fitness can make all that difference in one's life. Healthy living is all that one needs, and to achieve that we picked up the best of the articles from reliable sources and have presented here in an organized manner. You might not be able to spend your valuable time on complicated medications and diet controls, but, you can find articles to help you have a better living using simple and easy technics.

Ayurveda, a science in vogue practiced since centuries, uses a wide variety of plants, animal origin substances, mineral and metallic substances to rebalance the diseased condition in the sick. A few tips on simple treatment of life style diseases have been carefully picked for the visitors of this website. These tips can help reduce or control diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

Wish You a Merry Christmas My Friends

Wish You a Very Happy Happy Christmas.
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What is a CAM, R5, DVDRip, DVDSCR, XviD…?

A cam is a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. A mini tripod is sometimes used, but a lot of the time this wont be possible, so the camera make shake. Also seating placement isn’t always idle, and it might be filmed from an angle. If cropped properly, this is hard to tell unless there’s text on the screen, but a lot of times these are left with triangular borders on the top and bottom of the screen. Sound is taken from the onboard microphone of the camera, and especially in comedies, laughter can often be heard during the film. Due to these factors picture and sound quality are usually quite poor, but sometimes we’re lucky, and the theater will be fairly empty and a fairly clear signal will be heard.

A telesync is the same spec as a CAM except it uses an external audio source (most likely an audio jack in the chair for hard of hearing people). A direct audio source does not ensure a good quality audio source, as a lot of background noise can interfere. A lot of the times a telesync is filmed in an empty cinema or from the projection booth with a professional camera, giving a better picture quality. Quality ranges drastically, check the sample before downloading the full release. A high percentage of Telesyncs are CAMs that have been mislabeled.

A telecine machine copies the film digitally from the reels. Sound and picture should be very good, but due to the equipment involved and cost telecines are fairly uncommon. Generally the film will be in correct aspect ratio, although 4:3 telecines have existed. A great example is the JURASSIC PARK 3 TC done last year. TC should not be confused with TimeCode , which is a visible counter on screen throughout the film

A pre VHS tape, sent to rental stores, and various other places for promotional use. A screener is supplied on a VHS tape, and is usually in a 4:3 (full screen) a/r, although letterboxed screeners are sometimes found. The main draw back is a “ticker” (a message that scrolls past at the bottom of the screen, with the copyright and anti-copy telephone number). Also, if the tape contains any serial numbers, or any other markings that could lead to the source of the tape, these will have to be blocked, usually with a black mark over the section. This is sometimes only for a few seconds, but unfortunately on some copies this will last for the entire film, and some can be quite big. Depending on the equipment used, screener quality can range from excellent if done from a MASTER copy, to very poor if done on an old VHS recorder thru poor capture equipment on a copied tape. Most screeners are transferred to VCD, but a few attempts at SVCD have occurred, some looking better than others.

Same premise as a screener, but transferred off a DVD. Usually letterbox , but without the extras that a DVD retail would contain. The ticker is not usually in the black bars, and will disrupt the viewing. If the ripper has any skill, a DVDscr should be very good. Usually transferred to SVCD or DivX/XviD.

A copy of the final released DVD. If possible this is released PRE retail (for example, Star Wars episode 2) again, should be excellent quality. DVDrips are released in SVCD and DivX/XviD.

Transferred off a retail VHS, mainly skating/sports videos and XXX releases.

TV episode that is either from Network (capped using digital cable/satellite boxes are preferable) or PRE-AIR from satellite feeds sending the program around to networks a few days earlier (do not contain “dogs” but sometimes have flickers etc) Some programs such as WWF Raw Is War contain extra parts, and the “dark matches” and camera/commentary tests are included on the rips. PDTV is capped from a digital TV PCI card, generally giving the best results, and groups tend to release in SVCD for these. VCD/SVCD/DivX/XviD rips are all supported by the TV scene.

A workprint is a copy of the film that has not been finished. It can be missing scenes, music, and quality can range from excellent to very poor. Some WPs are very different from the final print (Men In Black is missing all the aliens, and has actors in their places) and others can contain extra scenes (Jay and Silent Bob) . WPs can be nice additions to the collection once a good quality final has been obtained.

DivX Re-Enc
A DivX re-enc is a film that has been taken from its original VCD source, and re-encoded into a small DivX file. Most commonly found on file sharers, these are usually labeled something like Film.Name.Group(1of2) etc. Common groups are SMR and TND. These aren’t really worth downloading, unless you’re that unsure about a film u only want a 200mb copy of it. Generally avoid.

A lot of films come from Asian Silvers/PDVD (see below) and these are tagged by the people responsible. Usually with a letter/initials or a little logo, generally in one of the corners. Most famous are the “Z” “A” and “Globe” watermarks.

Asian Silvers / PDVD
These are films put out by eastern bootleggers, and these are usually bought by some groups to put out as their own. Silvers are very cheap and easily available.

R5 refers to a specific format of DVD released in DVD Region 5, the former Soviet Union, and bootlegged copies of these releases that are distributed on the Internet. In an effort to compete with movie piracy, the movie industry chose to create a new format for DVD releases that could be produced more quickly and less expensively than traditional DVD releases. R5 releases differ from normal releases in that they are a direct Telecine transfer of the film without any of the image processing common on DVD releases, and without any special features. This allows the film to be released for sale at the same time that DVD Screeners are released. Since DVD Screeners are the chief source of high-quality pirated movies, this allows the movie studios to beat the pirates to market. In some cases, R5 DVDs may be released without an English audio track, requiring pirates to use the direct line audio from the film’s theatrical release. In this case, the pirated release is tagged with “.LINE” to distinguish it from a release with a DVD audio track.

The image quality of an R5 release is generally comparable to a DVD Screener release, except without the added scrolling text and black and white scenes that serve to distinguish screeners from commercial DVD releases. The quality is better than Telecine transfers produced by movie pirates because the transfer is performed usingprofessional-grade film scanning equipment.

Because there is no scene release standard for pirated R5 releases, they were variably tagged as Telecines, DVD Screeners, or even DVD rips. In late 2006, several release groups such as DREAMLiGHT, mVs, and PUKKA began tagging R5 releases with “.R5″ or r5 line (the line meaning it has direct english line audio) and suggesting that other groups do the same.

VCD is an mpeg1 based format, with a constant bitrate of 1150kbit at a resolution of 352×240 (NTCS). VCDs are generally used for lower quality transfers (CAM/TS/TC/Screener(VHS)/TVrip(analogue) in order to make smaller file sizes, and fit as much on a single disc as possible. Both VCDs and SVCDs are timed in minutes, rather than MB, so when looking at an mpeg, it may appear larger than the disc capacity, and in reality u can fit 74min on a CDR74.

SVCD is an mpeg2 based (same as DVD) which allows variable bit-rates of up to 2500kbits at a resolution of 480×480 (NTSC) which is then decompressed into a 4:3 aspect ratio when played back. Due to the variable bit-rate, the length you can fit on a single CDR is not fixed, but generally between 35-60 Mins are the most common. To get a better SVCD encode using variable bit-rates, it is important to use multiple “passes”. this takes a lot longer, but the results are far clearer.

These are basically VCD/SVCD that don’t obey the “rules”. They are both capable of much higher resolutions and bit-rates, but it all depends on the player to whether the disc can be played. X(S)VCD are total non-standards, and are usually for home-ripping by people who don’t intend to release them.

DivX / XviD
XviD & DivX are the most commonly encoded movies. DivX used to be the most popular, until it went from open source to a corporation that bought the rights & started charging for it (although the crack can easily be obtained for the DivX encoder, most people have switched to XviD, not only because it is open source, but also because it is superior in many ways). In the last year or so, many stand-alone DVD players have been released that are capable of playing DivX/XviD movies (even on CDRs), which has made this the most popular form of encoding. The majority of XviD/DivX rips are taken from DVDs, and are generally in as good quality as possible that can fit on one 700MB CDR disc, which is why most XviD/DivX movies are almost exactly 700MB, so they can be burnt onto a CDR & played in these new DVD players (which can be purchased just about anywhere for as little as $30-$40 USD). Various codecs exist, the most popular at the moment being the new XviD 1.2 codec. DivX encoded movies will definitely play on these new DVD players, & it only takes a little simple tweaking by the ripper to ensure XviDs will play on them as well, but it is therefore not guaranteed. (If you want to learn more about XviD/DivX encoding so you can make your own DVDrips, just visit

x264 is a free software library for encoding H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video streams. (More to come.)

CVD is a combination of VCD and SVCD formats, and is generally supported by a majority of DVD players. It supports MPEG2 bit-rates of SVCD, but uses a resolution of 352×480(ntsc) as the horizontal resolution is generally less important. Currently no groups release in CVD.

Is the recordable DVD solution that seems to be the most popular (out of DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD+R). it holds 4.7gb of data per side, and double sided discs are available, so discs can hold nearly 10gb in some circumstances. SVCD mpeg2 images must be converted before they can be burnt to DVD-R and played successfully. DVD>DVDR copies are possible, but sometimes extras/languages have to be removed to stick within the available 4.7gb.

MiniDVD/cDVD is the same format as DVD but on a standard CDR/CDRW. Because of the high resolution/bit-rates, its only possible to fit about 18-21 mins of footage per disc, and the format is only compatible with a few players.


DON2 (2011) *SCAMRIP* -X264 [350MB] Mediafire Exclusive

Q-Star--> 4/5

Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don (Shah Rukh Khan) now has his sights set on European domination. In his way are the bosses of the existing European underworld and all law enforcement agencies. The action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin as Don must avoid assassination or arrest, whichever comes first, in order for his plan to succeed.



Record List of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar [Share it]

1. Sachin Tendulkar is the Highest Run scorer in the One day Internationals 
2. Sachin Tendulkar is the Highest Run scorer in the Test Cricket 
3. Most number of hundreds in the ODI 48
4. Most number of hundreds in the Tests 51
5. Most number of nineties in the ODI 
6. Most number of man of the matches in the ODI's -61
7. Most number of man of the series(15) in ODI's 
8. Best average for man of the matches in ODI's 
9. First Cricketer to pass 10000 run in the ODI 
10. First Cricketer to pass 15000, 16000, 17000, 18000 runs in the ODI 
11. He is the highest run scorer in the world cup - 2560 runs at an average of 56.95
12. Most number of the man of the matches in the world cup 
13. Most number of runs 1996 world cup 523 runs in the 1996 Cricket World Cup at an average of 87.16 
14. Most number of runs in the 2003 world cup 673 runs in 2003 Cricket World Cup, highest by any player in a single Cricket World Cup 
15. Man of the Tournament in the 2003 Cricket World Cup. 
16. Most number of Fifties in ODI's 
17. He is the only player to be in top 10 ICC ranking for 10 years. 18. He is one of the three batsmen to surpass 11,000 runs in Test cricket, and the first Indian to do so. 
19. First and only cricketer to get Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna. India's highest sporting honor 
20. In 2003, Wisden rated Tendulkar as d No. 1 and Richards at No. 2 in all time Greatest ODI player 
21. In 2002, Wisden rated him as the second greatest Test batsman after Sir Donald Bradman. 
22. he was involved in unbroken 664-run partnership in a Harris Shield game in 1988 with friend and team mate Vinod Kambli. 
23. Tendulkar is the only player to score a century in all three of his Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy and Irani Trophy debuts 
24. In 1992, at the age of 19, Tendulkar became the first overseas born player to represent Yorkshire 
25. Tendulkar has been granted the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award and Padma vibhushan by Indian government. He is the only Indian cricketer to get all of them. And the only cricketer to receive Padma vibhushan. 
26. Tendulkar has scored over 1000 runs in a calendar year in ODI's 8 times 
27. Tendulkar has scored 1894 runs in calendar year in ODI's most by any batsman 
28.First batsman in the history who was given out through third umpire. 
29. He has the least percentage of the man of the matches awards won when team looses a match. Out of his 61 man of the match awards only 7 times India has lost. 
30. Tendulkar most number man of match awards against Australia 
31. Tendulkar was the first batsman in history to score over 50 centuries in international cricket 
32. Tendulkar was the first batsman in history to score over 75 centuries in international cricket: 99 centuries 
33. Has the most overall runs in cricket, (ODIs+Tests+Twenty20s) he had accumulated almost 33294 runs overall. (as of dec 14)
34. Sachin Tendulkar with Sourav Ganguly hold the world record for the maximum number of runs scored by the opening partnership. They have put together 6,271 runs in 128 matches

35. The 20 century partnerships for opening pair with Sourav Ganguly is a world record 
36. Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid hold the world record for the highest partnership in ODI matches when they scored 331 runs against New Zealand in 1999 (Sachin 186*, Dravid 153)
37. Sachin Tendulkar has been involved in six 200 run partnerships in ODI matches - a record that he shares with Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid 
38. Most Centuries in a calendar year: 9 ODI centuries in 1998 
39. Only player to have over 100 innings of 50+ runs (41 Centuries and 87 Fifties)(as of 18th Nov, 2007) 
40. the only player ever to cross the 13,000-14,000 - 15, 000and 16,000 run marks IN ODI. 
41. Maximum number of boundaries in a single innings, holds the record with sehwag (25 fours)
42. Maximum number of 150 plus scores in ODIs 
43. Tendulkar has scored over 1000 ODI runs against all major Cricketing nations. 
44. Sachin was the fastest to reach 10,000 runs taking 259 innings and has the highest batting average among batsmen with over 10,000 ODI runs 
45. Most number of Stadium Appearances: 90 different Grounds 
46. Consecutive ODI Appearances: 185 
47. On his debut, Sachin Tendulkar was the second youngest debutant in the world 
48. When Tendulkar scored his maiden century in 1990, he was the second youngest to score a century 
49. Tendulkar's record of five test centuries before he turned 20 is a current world record 
50. Tendulkar holds the current record (217 against NZ in 1999/00 Season) for the highest score in Test cricket by an Indian when captaining the side.
51. Tendulkar has scored centuries against all test playing nations. He was the third batman to achieve the distinction after Steve Waugh and Gary Kirsten 
52. Tendulkar has 4 seasons in test cricket with 1000 or more runs - 2002 (1392 runs), 1999 (1088 runs), 2001 (1003 runs) and 1997 (1000 runs).[6] Gavaskar is the only other Indian with four seasons of 1000+ runs 
53. He is second most number of seasons with over 1000 runs in world. 
54. On 3 January 2007 Sachin Tendulkar (5751) edged past Brian Lara's (5736) world record of runs scored in Tests away from home 
55. Tendulkar and Brian Lara are the fastest to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket history. Both of them achieved this in 195 innings 
56. Second Indian after Sunil Gavaskar to make over 10,000 runs in Test matches 
57. Became the first Indian to surpass the 11,000 Test run mark and the third International player behind Allan Border and Brian Lara. 
58. Tendulkar is fourth on the list of players with most Test caps. Steve Waugh (168 Tests), Allan Border (158 Tests), have appeared in more games than Tendulkar. 
59. Tendulkar has played the most number of Test Matches for India (Kapil Dev is second with 131 Test appearances). 
60. First to 25,000 n 30,000 international runs 
61. Tendulkar's 33,000+ runs in international cricket include 18000+ runs in ODI's, 15,000+ Tests runs and 10 runs in the lone Twenty20 that India has played. 
62. On December 10, 2005, Tendulkar made his 35th century in Tests at Delhi against Sri Lanka. He surpassed Sunil Gavaskar's record of 34 centuries to become the man with the most number of hundreds in Test cricket.
63. Tendulkar is the only player who has 150 wkts and more than 15000 runs in ODI 
64. Tendulkar is the only player who has 40 wkts and more than 11000 runs in Tests 
65. Sachin hit the first double century in the 40 year history of one day internationals


Q-star:- 3.5/5

Release Date : 10 December 2010
Genre : Drama
Cast : Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, Manmeet Singh, Neeraj Sood, Revant Shergill
Producer : Aditya Chopra
Director : Maneesh Sharma
Music : Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
Size: 843204640 bytes (804.14 MiB), duration: 02:19:22, avg.bitrate: 807 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (hin)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280×544, 24.00 fps(r) (hin)
Subtitles: eng

BODYGUARD [2011] *BLURAY RIP* -X264 – MP3-VBR [950MB]

Size: 999522218 bytes (953.22 MiB), duration: 02:10:38, avg.bitrate: 1020 kb/s
Audio: mp3-VBR, 48000 Hz, stereo, 320 kb/s
Video: h264, yuv420p, 720×480, 29.97 fps(r)



Don-2 Review :- Above Average, Must Watch Don-2


Director: Farhan Akhtar
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani


By the time it dawns on you that a 6-feet contemporary Bollywood actor (in a cameo) has been passed off as the unabridged undercover for Shah Rukh Khan's Don in the film, you are expected to be equipped for many more of such cinematic liberties. And rather than crying a spoiler there, you could rather preset your logic mode to the multiple masquerades in store in the movie.

Don 2, the sequel starts off almost from where the earlier episode ended and while it attempts to maintain some continuity with the last installment, it fails to bring back the intelligence of the original. Don (Shah Rukh Khan) emerges in Malaysia and gets himself arrested only to get the convicted Vardhan (Boman Irani) out of jail. Vardhan has keys to a video footage which they use to blackmail a bank vice president (Alyy Khan) to get access to a German bank's security systems. The big plan is the old-fashioned and formulaic robbery of the currency printing plates from the bank. So the sequel to Don merely boils down to being a heist film.

The film, more or less, starts as an action flick with Don's one-man-army introduction in Thailand, a convenient escape from Malaysian prison and some conventional car-chase sequences in Germany. None of them excite much until you realize you have already reached the interval. The plotting and scheming starts in the second half with an easy induction of a hacker (Kunal Kapoor) who can not only barge into the security systems of the vault but also seems to have blueprints of the bank building to the minutest details.

The writing by Ameet Mehta, Amrish Shah and Farhan Akhtar is more style over substance attempting to camouflage cliches with the cool quotient. Even the central heist seems confusing and convoluted but Farhan Akhtar intentionally keeps the pacing swift enough, leaving no time for the viewer to notice any loose ends. However, the more he makes the situation easy to suit his script, the more it becomes difficult for the audience to digest things.

Even the robbery seems mundane Hollywoodish exercise with no moments of thrills in particular. However the highlight isn't the heist per se but Don's hidden agenda behind it. While it isn't much difficult to decode the mystery, it makes for a decent climax. The director mercifully keeps mush away from the major proceedings though he can't resist the temptation in the climactic portion in his attempts to induce chemistry between Don and his rival, Roma (Priyanka Chopra). But Don would have been better-off as the suave and stonyhearted killer rather than a 'Rahul' prototype. Thankfully the chemistry is peripheral and never blooms into romance.

Also one would have preferred to see Don as more brain over brawny hero but the director makes him a jack of all trades giving him James Bond kinda complete-man characteristics. Vulnerability is alien to Don, essentially making him larger-than-life. But despite being an unethical drug-lord, Farhan Akhtar's treatment is such that you still adore him as the hero over abhorring him as an outright villain. Don 2 never gets into the good v/s evil battle.

The cinematography by Jason West is striking. However Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's musical score doesn't leave a mark this time and the background score has to repeatedly resort to the theme-piece from the original for some impact. Farhan Akhtar's punch-lines in dialogues are initially amusing but with a Don-ism in every second line, it sounds hackneyed and hollow after a point.

Shah Rukh Khan is in his comfort zone as the Don bringing more charm than cruelty to his character. He rules supreme and the film's indulgence with him is as much as Don's obsession with himself. Everyone else is overshadowed. Priyanka Chopra is passable. Lara Dutta, as the Don's moll, is simply a substitute for Isha Koppikhar from the prequel and is hardly there for a few scenes. Boman Irani is underused. Kunal Kapoor fails to register any impact. Om Puri, Alyy Khan and Nawab Shah are plain functional. Sahil Shroff irritates.

Don 2 ends with the promise of Don 3 (that's what the number-plate of Don's bike reads) and the trademark dialogue 'Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkim hai' (It's not just difficult to catch don, it's impossible). But we would surely want to 'catch' up with a more worthy sequel to this. It's not impossible Farhan. Is it?

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Happy New Year 2012

When we approach towards New Year, we always make some resolutions. Almost every one makes New Year resolutions. Some want to fulfill their wishes, which they could not do last year, while some want to achieve a goal, which they failed to get last year. New Year Resolution ideas are varied in kind and it depends on the person. Given below are some popular New Year resolution ideas: 

Drink less and smoke less: Those, who are feeling that their drinking and smoking habits are getting out of control; they can take the resolution of quitting them. Drinking and smoking cause only harm to our health. Therefore, if you can quite them, you will move one-step forward to fitness. 

Get rid of obesity: Many people, mostly adults are suffering from obesity these days. If you are one of them, you can start working on it. Do regular exercise and control your calorie consumption. Obesity is a genuine problem and you can get rid of it with your self-control. 

Clear all debts: Many people have a natural habit of lending, be it from the bank or an individual. However, this habit only increases your debts. If you take a New Year Resolution for all debts, first you should clear all of them and then restrict yourself from lending any further. 

Reduce stress level: Stress is a serious affair in everyone’s life these days. Be it in his personal life or his professional life, one cannot evade stress and depression. If you take a New Year resolution of reducing your stress level, you should start plenty of meditation. 

Spend more time with family: If you could not give enough time to your family and your family always keeps complaining about it, make a resolution for spending more and more time with your family. If you cannot do that, try to spend some quality time with each of your family >members. 

Save money: Were you out of your wallet the previous year? Is so much spending ruining your financial balance? If yes, then, you should try to save some money in this New Year. Take a resolution and write your agendas on a paper. This will motivate you in your goal. 

Help others: This is one of the noblest New Year resolution ideas. We always do for ourselves and for our near and dear ones, but helping others gives a supreme happiness. If you did not try your hand in charity, make it your New Year resolution and feel dignified from within.

Start a constructive hobby: If you are looking for constructive New Year resolution, you can start with a practical hobby, which can uplift yourself as a person. For example, charity, gardening, reading, listening to different music, etc can be constructive hobbies. 

Develop reading habit: Reading habit is dormant now, but you cannot deny the fact that it is one of the most enriching habits, one can get. If you do not have regular reading habit, you can take a New Year resolution of reading. 

Leave junk food: Junk food… we all know that they are not at all good for our health. If you are a foodie but want to get rid of junk food, you can take the New Year resolution for saying ‘No’ to the unhealthy and oil food items.


Best example for "LOVE"

Best example for "LOVE" in anyone's life:


When cake slices are five and members are six in a family,

Then only mother says

"I DON'T LIKE CAKES that much "
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